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Construction projects are complex. The attorneys at Wolff & Ward recognize that construction projects of all sizes can result in the unexpected, whether it comes in the form of cost-overruns, non-performance, delays, material defects, or non-payment. We understand that with every development, timely and cost-effective solutions are extremely important. Our firm represents property owners, developers, lenders, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and material providers for all sizes of construction projects.

We assist clients during all stages of a project. These stages range from designing and negotiating the initial construction contracts to responding to and ultimately resolving any claims that may arise during development or after completion. Our attorneys can identify risks and issues at the onset of a project which can minimize the possibility of costly and time-consuming litigation during development. The preparation of proper contracts at the beginning of a business relationship results in all parties having a thorough understanding of their responsibilities, resulting in the likelihood of a successful project. We also understand that some disputes are unavoidable, and in those instances we stand ready to assist clients with finding resolutions to controversies whether through the courts or otherwise.

If we can be of assistance in any of the areas described above, please contact any one of our attorneys to schedule a consultation.