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Whether simple or complex, business or personal in nature, any transaction has the potential for significant tax consequences, and therefore tax planning is key to all of our legal services. Wolff & Ward offers sophisticated and innovative tax counseling on all levels of federal, state, and local taxation. Most attorneys at our firm have advanced tax degrees, and therefore we are able to provide you with the highest level of tax counseling that you need in an adverse and ever-changing tax environment.

Regardless if you are a large multi-state corporation, or a local family owned business, tax planning is a critical part of the growth and success of your business. Our attorneys routinely counsel businesses with respect to tax planning and issues arising during the business formation stage to the dissolution and termination of a business and everything in between. We recognize that the choice of entity is an important first step in maximizing the tax-efficiency of your business, and therefore we help you evaluate whether a C-corporation, S-corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or other type of legal entity is best for you. Likewise, during the life of your business, our attorneys are able to give prompt and accurate tax counseling regarding  property taxes, income taxes, sales and use taxes, as well as providing advice regarding federal and state tax incentive programs.

Our attorneys recognize that the IRS and other taxing agencies frequently overstep their legal authority when assessing or collecting taxes. We represent clients faced with an audit by the Internal Revenue Service or the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, as well as situations where the IRS or state authorities are attempting to collect taxes. Our representation extends to audits, administrative appeals, and litigation in court if necessary. Additionally, we are experienced with the procedures of the IRS to reduce proposed tax assessments, abate or waive penalties, obtain private letter rulings, respond to demands for documents and other information, offers in compromise, lien releases, installment payment plans, and other administrative solutions to tax issues.

If we can be of assistance in any of the areas described above, please contact any one of our attorneys to schedule a consultation.